5G EMF Measurement and Analysis Kit
24 September 2020

Are you concerned about a new 5G tower that has been erected near your home?

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
15 September 2020

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) affects the health, comfort, and well-being of building occupants.  

5G EMF Meter
14 July 2020

At radio and microwave frequencies, electric and magnetic fields are considered together as the two components of an electromagnetic wave.

Lutron Bench Meter Product Review
3 December 2019

The Lutron DW-6090A is a cost effective yet economic power analyser, which is suitable for analyzing power factor in many different applications.

Low cost voltage current calibrator
3 December 2019

The Lutron CC-421 is a great low cost voltage and current calibrator for service or installation engineers, who need to check industrial sensors and transmitters.

SD Card
22 November 2019

Many Lutron test and measurement instruments offered by Test Measurement Australia feature a built in SD card data logger. 

Sound level meter for measuring workplace noise levels
15 May 2019

A noise risk assessment should be carried out when workers and others may be exposed to excessive noise levels.  

Low Cost Hand Held ORP Meter for Brewing and Beverage Production
10 January 2019

The Lutron YK-23RP is a low-cost Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Meter, which is ideal for small scale breweries and keen microbrewers.

Lutron technical advice
27 November 2018

TMA has tested the CM-6010SD to see if this is possible.

Force required for opening a door
17 October 2018

In Australia regulations exist which stipulate the maximum force required to open a door. This is particularly important for improving accessibility for wheel chair users, older persons and anyone with an injury.