Sound level meter for measuring workplace noise levels

Class 1 Sound Level Meter for Workplace Noise that is Easy to Use

4 August 2017

In many workplaces is it is a requirement that noise assessments are carried out, to ensure that the sound level is not so high as to damage an employee’s hearing.

We were recently contacted by a customer, who was looking for a sound level meter that they could use to record the noise generated by rattle guns, air compressors, hammers, etc.  They also wanted some simple software to create reports.

We suggested that the customer consider the Lutron SL-4023SD sound level meter, which has a built in SD card reader. It  incorporates a real time data logger, making it ideal for applications such as measuring noise around industrial sites. It is the perfect tool for safety officers and managers who are wanting to comply with workers’ noise standards.

Lutron SL-4023 Sound Level Meter


The SL-4023SD logs the recorded sound level to an SD card in Excel format. The sampling time is programmable from 1 reading per second to 1 reading per hour. If the sample time is set to 1 sample per second, some data may be lost because the reading time is about 1 second.

We suggested that the customer set the sample rate to 2 seconds per sample, this way none of the data would be lost.

To read the data, all that you have to do is put the SD card into an SD card reader and you can open the file directly in Excel, allowing you to plot graphs or present the data any way you want.

There is no need to purchase any additional software.

This makes the Lutron SL-4023SD an ideal low cost solution for measuring workplace noise.

Its innovative design makes it easy to use. There is no need to for any special software. After you have carried out the sound level monitoring task, simply remove the SD card from the meter and plug it into the computer. All of the measured values, including the time information (year/month/date/hour/minute/second) can then be downloaded directly into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

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