Low Cost Hand Held ORP Meter for Brewing and Beverage Production

Low Cost Hand Held ORP Meter for Brewing and Beverage Production

10 January 2019

The Lutron YK-23RP is a low-cost Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Meter, which is ideal for small scale breweries and keen microbrewers.

Typically, breweries will oxygenate their wort with sterile air after it has cooled off to increase oxygen solubility and to reduce wort oxidation. Some may introduce air while the wort is hot to sterilise the air, but this runs the risk of oxidising off flavours in the beer, leaving a stale, garlicky taste.

The Lutron YK-23RP can be used to measure the level of oxidation/reduction to ensure that the flavour of the beer is not compromised.

Lutron YK-23RP Kit

Oxidation-reduction potential, or ORP, measures the degree to which a substance is capable of oxidising or reducing another substance.   This is measured in millivolts (mv) using an ORP meter.

The YK-23RP is very simple to use and has a measuring range of -1,999 mV to +1,999 mV. It has a resolution of 1mv and an accuracy of ± (0.8 % + 1 d) @ 23 ± 5 ℃.

Basically, switch the device on and insert the electrode (ordered separately) into the liquid to be measured. The hold button is used to freeze any critical measurements on the display, until you are ready to move on.

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