Lutron Bench Meter Product Review

Product Review: Lutron Bench Meters

4 August 2017

Lutron bench meters are perfect if you are setting up a testing station for small motors, power supplies, transformers etc..

Lutron AA-104 Bench Meter from Test Measurement Australia

There are four models offered for sale through the Test Measurement Australia website:



Lutron DV-101

DC Voltmeter

Lutron AV-102

AC Voltmeter

Lutron DA-103

DC Ammeter

Lutron AA-104

AC Ammeter

In most cases you are going to want to measure current and voltage at a number of places. This makes buying multiple digital multimeters a costly exercise.  Especially if someone else uses the rig and leaves what should be a voltmeter set to current and you unwittingly turn it on, which will most likely damage the multimeter.

This is a particular problem when you need 3 phase voltage and current measurements but don't want failures of expensive multimeters.

Fortunately, there is a far more cost effective option.

If you build your test rig using Lutron's bench meter series, you will have dedicated current or voltmeters.

Lutron AA-104 Bench meter

You will have no problems with different current or voltage levels, as there is a range switch for that.

But here's where it gets interesting: Each Lutron bench multimeter is powered by a 9 volt alkaline cells and only draws 0.9mA per meter when running.  So you get long battery life, and that also frees up the meters to be put on any part of the circuit, even floating above earth.

Because they are battery powered, you can wire your Lutron current or volt meters to go into any part of the circuit without worrying that a stray earth current will damage one.  They are all totally isolated and the low cost of a few batteries will prevent meter failures.

When you consider that you can buy these for just $55 +GST, the monitoring of 3 phase currents and 3 phase voltages becomes a lot more practical.

Yes, a fixed meter is less flexible than a full multimeter, but they are cheaper and far less likely to be damaged.

Lutron have been making good value, smart instruments for years, and they just work.

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