Buy Class 1 Sound Level Meter, Acoustic Calibrator, Noise Dosimeter (Australia)

Want to buy an Acoustic Calibrator, a Noise Dosimeter, or a Class 1 Sound Level Meter Online? Contact Test Measurement Australia!

The industrial world is defined by a simple truth - comprehensive performance requires comprehensive support. Achieving the best production results demands superior materials, dedicated employees, and access to Class 1 sound level meters, noise dosimeters, and acoustic calibrators in Australia. Finding these devices once proved problematic, with too many distributors offering too many less-than-stellar meters. Those looking to buy acoustic calibrators, dosimeters, and more can now find relief online. Contact Test Measurement Australia today!

Test Measurement Australia: About Us

As a recent start-up among Melbourne's industrial scene, Test Measurement Australia is dedicated to carving out a quality niche. To do this our company will serve as a national distributor, bringing customers the best equipment available on the market, including: water quality meters, gas detectors, anemometers, panel meters, data loggers, and pressure meters.

Those searching for audio options such as Class 1 sound level meters, noise dosimeters, and acoustic calibrators will also find us ideal. We offer a broad selection of items, and combine this with extensive technical expertise.

Test Measurement Australia: Our Meters

Searching for sound meters, dosimeters, and acoustic calibrators in Australia? We now offer an industry-worthy inventory, including:

The Lutron SL-4033SD - The Lutron SL-4033SD delivers sterling quality. This Class 1 option features real-time data logging software, complete with removable SD capabilities. It also offers three manual ranges, including: 30DB to 80DB, 50DB to 100DB, and 80DB to 130DB.

The Lutron DS-2013SD - The Lutron DS-2013SD serves as an industrial dosimeter, achieving IEC61252 and ANSI S1 .25 standards. Its auto range extends from 30DB to 130DB, and it boasts an electret condenser microphone.

The Lutron SC-942 - The Lutron SC-942 is ideal for those wishing to buy an acoustic calibrator. Its die-cast aluminium casing promises resilience, while its impressive range (1 KHz) ensures steady results. Options are available in 94DB and 114DB.

When searching for Class 1 meters, dosimeters, or acoustic calibrators in Australia, contact us.

Test Measurement Australia: Product Availability

Finding the right test equipment is often an exercise in frustration. Companies seek out products, only to find them out-of-stock and off-the-shelf. It's a challenge to find reliable options on a national level.

Test Measurement Australia understands that frustration, and wishes to counter it with a diverse inventory of devices. Our Melbourne warehouse is always filled with the country's best equipment. This ensures fast sales and faster deliveries. Contact us when buying acoustic calibrators, dosimeters, sound meters, and more.

Searching for Class 1 Sound Level Meters, Acoustic Calibrators, and Other Options? Let us Help!

Test Measurement Australia promises superior service and exceptional products. We connect customers to the equipment they need, and we do so with speed, efficiency, and technical knowledge. To learn more about our inventory, including our available noise dosimeters, sound level meters, and calibrators, contact us today. Our experienced staff will be happy to answer any questions or concerns.