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Monitor Temperature, Voltage and Current: Buy a 4-20mA Data Logger from Test Measurement Australia

Having detailed and accurate records is important, especially when it comes to monitoring energy systems, weather conditions, equipment performance and more. At Test Measurement Australia, we offer precisely the tool you need to keep track of voltage, current, temperature and more: the Lutron MMA 386SD, a high-quality (and highly affordable) 4-20mA data logger.

Why Buy a 4-20mA Data Logger?

A compact portable device capable of collecting and storing data produced by instruments or detectors that output a 4-20mA current output, the Lutron MMA 386SD is ideal for gauging equipment performance through a variety of different parameters. With this particular 4-20 mA data logger, up to three input channels can be used simultaneously. In other words, you don't have to buy separate data loggers to track voltage, current and temperature outputs, because the Lutron MMA 3865SD can track all three at the same time.

In addition to being versatile, the Lutron MMA 3865SD 4-20mA data logger is also incredibly user friendly when it comes to tracking voltage, current, temperature or other desired outputs. Regardless of whether you are looking to buy a current data logger or a temperature data logger, the Lutron MMA 3865SD will appeal for how intuitive it is.

Indeed, once you have set the data logger up and connected it with other tracking or measurement instrumentation, it will automatically keep track of the data those outputs are producing over time. The current, voltage or temperature will be saved in the logger, along with the time the measurement was taken (down to the year, month, date, minute and second). The data will then automatically be saved to an SD card, which you can then use to easily transfer the information into Microsoft Excel.

That's right, when you buy this 4-20mA data logger, you won't have to worry about learning how to use yet another complex piece of proprietary software. Instead, you will be able to use a program you are probably already familiar with (Excel) to review the measurements tracked by the logger, and to save them for your future records. The measurements will be accurate and thorough, and will allow you to gauge everything from energy consumption to equipment performance efficiency on one device. Bottom line, the Lutron MMA 3865SD really does beg the question: why buy a voltage data logger or buy a temperature data logger when you can track multiple performance aspects on one device?

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The Lutron MMA 3865SD has been acclaimed across numerous industry lines for its versatility, intuitive usability, energy efficiency and affordability. However, this high-quality 4-20mA data logger is just one of the many great products that we have in stock at Test Measurement Australia.

Indeed, our goal as a recent start-up is provide extensive stock of all of the best measurement instruments on the market today. To be clear, we don't stock sub-par or 'bargain' knock-off equipment. Rather, we have opted to only partner with the finest brands and manufacturers in the testing and measurement industries, to make sure that our customers always get products that they can trust. So whether you are looking to buy a current data logger or a voltage or temperature data logger, or a sound meter for acoustic testing, our online store is the place to shop!

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