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The battle against low resistance proves difficult to win - unless digital multimeters are used. These tools are the ultimate weapons in every electrician's toolkit, providing real-time data and continuous measurements. With the right tools, technicians can receive the ultimate in precision.

The need for digital multimeters in Australia is essential. However, finding the right devices may seem like an impossible task. There are endless manufacturers and they each make endless promises, leaving consumers confused. Test Measurement Australia wishes to provide clarity. We connect our customers with quality products and superior service. Looking for a digital multimeter in Australia? Contact us today!

Test Measurement Australia: About Us

Test Measurement Australia combines start-up enthusiasm with seasoned expertise. We serve as a national distributor, pairing our customers with the best technologies on the market, including data loggers, toxic gas detectors, light meters, and oxygen deficiency meters. We also boast a variety of voltage-testing equipment and those wishing to buy digital multimeters online need look no further. Choose us for all resistance needs.

Our Multimeters

Buying digital multimeters online is no longer a challenge. Test Measurement Australia delivers efficient shipping and quality products, including:

The Lutron DM-9962SD - The Lutron DM-9962SD is an ideal digital multimeter for Australia. It has an adaptable design, efficiently measuring ACA, ACV, OHM, Inductance, Diodes, and other key elements. A SD function proves convenient, allowing users to easily access real-time data on their computers or tablets.

The Lutron DM-9960 - Considering buying a digital multimeter online? The Lutron DM-9960 may prove perfect. This CAT III device delivers a 1000V range. Its broad testing range - which includes DCV, OHMS, and Capacitance - can be easily read on the large LCD screen.

The Lutron DI-6400 - Few digital multimeters in Australia are more comprehensive than the Lutron DI-6400. This meter - which serves as both insulation tester and DMM - delivers OHM, ACV, and DCV precision. Its auto-range effortlessly measures low resistance, while its LSI-circuitry proves reliable in even the harshest environments.

Need to buy digital multimeters online? Consider these and other options from Test Measurement Australia.

Product Availability

Finding a digital multimeter in Australia is easy. However, buying one can often seem impossible, with low inventories and slow shipping causing endless delays (and endless frustration). Test Measurement Australia wishes to spare our customers both of these pains.

This is why we offer a superior selection of digital multimeters in Australia. We pride ourselves in our vast inventory, and we work always to fulfil every order with speed and efficiency. Our Melbourne warehouse is perpetually full of monitoring and measuring equipment.

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Convenience is the cornerstone of our success. This is why Test Measurement Australia offers customers the best multimeters on the market, pairing quality designs with virtual ease. To buy digital multimeters online, or to see the rest of our stock, including sound level meters, data loggers, carbon monoxide meters and other options, contact us today!