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Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy a Force Gauge Online in Australia

When you need to know the exact force exerted while pushing or pulling an object, only a force gauge can give you that information. Force gauges can either be mechanical or digital, but in this day and age most tests are done using a digital gauge. Force gauges are very important to a wide variety of industries, so if you’re looking to buy a force gauge in Australia, you should know everything you can about the product.

What is a Force Gauge?

The two main components of a force gauge are the digital readout and the load cell. The load cell is essentially a spring against which the force in question is exerted. Electronics in the device convert the weight being pushed against the spring into pounds, kilograms or newtons and then displays the force on the digital readout. While the force gauge is typically a handheld device, it can be combined with accessories such as stands, grips and fixtures depending on the object being tested.

Common Applications in Which a Force Gauge is Used

Many industries require the use of a force gauge. For instance, when determining how to package a product, a company needs to know the strength of their packaging. The package must meet a certain force specification to be deemed suitable for shipping. On the larger end of the spectrum, vehicles must be force tested to determine how safe they are — a windshield, for instance, may be tested to determine how strong a force has to be to break it.

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