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Ensuring insulation quality (or longevity) is no simple task. Countless external forces, from extreme heat to chemical contaminants, frigid cold to improper sealing, can cause insulation materials to deteriorate.

The consequences of failing to test and identify insulation that has deteriorated can have a negative impact on safety and productivity.

Identifying insulation that has deteriorated is made simple by using a Lutron insulation tester.

Regularly testing your insulation with an insulation resistance meter will help prevent the occurrence of any injury or equipment failure.

Combating this issue once proved difficult. However, you can now simply order your insulation resistance test meter online order and start checking your insulation remains safe and effective. Shipping to any address in Australia is free for all orders above $50.

Test Measurement Australia: About Us

To ensure that insulation is properly maintained, and to more effectively master high resistance and low resistance readings, Test Measurement Australia stocks insulation resistance test meters that are both affordable to buy and simple to use.

From our Melbourne warehouse we serve as a national distributor, giving customers to the service they need (as well as the manufacturers they can trust).

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Choosing an Insulation Resistance Tester in Australia

Insulation in Australia must adapt to endless environmental changes. Relentless temperatures, coupled with fickle weather patterns, prove damaging to materials.

When buying insulation testers online we suggest looking for certain tech specifications, including: Ranges.

When choosing insulation resistance testers for Australia note the auto range capabilities. To achieve consistent results, find meters with ACV, DCV, and OHMS measurements. This ensures multi-functionality.

LCD Performance

Before buying an insulation tester online, be sure to examine its display functions. LCD screens are recommended, as they display values clearly and most can be read in bright light.

Low Resistance Precision

If you are looking to buy an insulation resistance tester online, you should select one that delivers precise low resistance tallies. Auto range values should be sensitive enough for even difficult-to-measure objects (such as relay coils or motor windings).

Reliable Interfacing

When seeking to buy an insulation resistance tester for use in Australia, be sure to focus on the interface. Not all devices prove simple to use, and some employees may find themselves unable to fully access real-time information. Consider insulation testers with USB options. This enables simple transfer of data to a PC or Laptop for further analysis.

Our Expertise

Buying an insulation resistance tester in Australia can be a daunting task. There are countless options available from countless distributors. Finding the best device demands time and patience. It also requires the expertise of Test Measurement Australia.

If you are uncertain of what you need call Test Measurement Australia. A dedicated member of our expert team will gladly discuss your insulation resistance testing requirements and will help you identify a suitable tester for your needs.

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Regular testing of insulation resistance can't be ignored. This is why Test Measurement Australia provides customers with exceptional resistance testing devices and support. To purchase an insulation tester, or even one of our many other meters and gauges, contact us today!