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The need for a sound level meter in Australia cannot be denied. Measuring and then quantifying the intensity, emission, and overall effects of noise pollution proves crucial to the industrial process. Companies rely on these options to improve both production and real-time responses. However, too often do those same companies struggle to find devices that provide accurate measurements. Every attempt to buy sound level meters online or in stores proves disastrous, either because of quality concerns or too-high prices. They can't find the instruments they need. Test Measurement Australia can help. We provide superior products on a national level.

Test Measurement Australia: About Us

Test Measurement Australia is dedicated to exceptional results. This is why we now serve as the leading supplier of water quality meters, environmental meters, force gauges, data loggers, and sound level meters in Australia. We partner with some of the world's premier manufacturers, connecting our customers to sterling service and results. When considering buying a sound level meter online, visit our site. There find access to our diverse collection of Class 1 and Class 2 products.

Our Sound Levels Meters

To ensure accurate readings and industry-established frequencies we offer our customers the best sound level meters in Australia. These include:

The Lutron SL-4033SD - The Lutron SL-4033SD is a Class 1 device and real-time data logger. It delivers IEC61672 frequencies and boasts an auto range of 30DB to 130DB. Its RS232 interface proves easy to master, making this an ideal sound level meter for Australia.

The Lutron SL-4023S - Want to buy a Class 2 sound level meter online? The Lutron SL-4023SD promises sterling results, offering fast and slow time weighting capabilities, integrated SD storage, and a manual range of up to 130DB.

The Lutron LM8102 - Need to buy sound level meters online that provide a comprehensive array of utilities? The Lutron LM8102 proves perfect. It serves as a sound meter, humidity meter, anemometer, light meter, and temperature meter: bringing multi-tiered applications to every industrial environment and achieving an auto range of up to 130DB.

When searching for sound level meters in Australia trust Test Measurement to provide quality options. Our goal is simple - to help consumers buy the best sound level meters online. To accomplish this we embrace service, availability, and expertise. An ample inventory and a knowledgeable staff will always greet those visiting our site. This ensures a positive sales experience (as well as better results in the workplace).

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Test Measurement Australia strives to offer strong service to our customers. To learn more about our company - as well as our available water quality, environmental, gas detection, acoustic, electrical, industrial, automotive, and safety products - contact us today. Our staff will be happy to offer key information about the manufacturers we partner with, as well as provide a seamless way to buy sound level meters online.